DryFlex Applications

These properties make Dryflex® a particularly strategic material not for external furnishing only, but also in the marine industry, in health care, in the padding of swimwear and in any type of application where the absorption of water inside polyurethane should be limited.

Dryflex polyurethanes® is a trademark registered by Pelma S.p.A.

Interview with Dott. Marco Pelucchi - Pelma S.p.A. -


Joint is a sofa able to maintain its comfort, elasticity and breathability, though it guarantees its hydrophobic properties. The impermeability to water and liquid solutions prevents the absorption inside its cellular structure, avoiding in this way the unpleasant wet sensationUV rays resistance allows a major maintaining over time and the special Ultra-Fresh treatment permits to guarantee the hygienical and aesthetic conditions of the product.

Other Possible Applications

Outdoor Furnishing

Marine Industry

Swimwear Padding

Motorbike Seats