About Us


Dryflex polyurethanes® is a trademark registered by Pelma S.p.A.  a leading company in the production of flexible polyurethane foam.

The blog “PoliureTiAmo” is born from EnthusiasmPassion and Love for polyurethane foam, for research and experimentation: an open laboratory with the target of sharing and widening the applications of polyurethane, that is nowadays an innovative, versatile, safe and recyclable material.

Technology Partnership

SHELL is a leading global energy company that is fully integrated: from oil and gas exploration to their retail sites. Shell uses advanced technologies and takes an innovative approach to help to build a sustainable energy future. Shell Chemicals plays an important role in this by producing basic chemicals that have a pivotal role in our current daily lives. For example the polyurethanes, that are used in our houses (rigid foams), cars (dashboards), at work (chairs) or while we relax (mattresses and sofas). The raw materials supplied by Shell are a further guarantee of the quality of the new polyurethane DryFlex®.


ULTRAFRESH Antimicrobial and hygienical product used by the world’s best brands in order to control and reduce bacteria and moulds proliferation, avoiding the formation of bad smell. Certified by EPA, BPD and Oeko-Tex, Ultrafresh keeps DryFlex® hygienical properties unaltered, assuring more freshness and long duration in time.



The “Toso Montanari” Industrial Chemistry Department Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna plays an important role in the link between academic and industrial research, working on the development of catalytic processes, the study of polymeric materials, the environment and conservation of cultural heritage and biotechnology. The relevance of the Department is certified by a high appreciation of its members both nationally and internationally, evidenced by the large number of qualified scientific production and the prestigious awards received.
Born in Bologna in 1968, Massimiliano Lanzi achieved a High School Diploma from Enrico Fermi Scientific High School in Bologna (1987) and then attended a course in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna, achieving a score of 110/110 cum laude (1993). His University career was enriched with a Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry (1997) and a scholarship for post-doctoral research (1998). Author of several scientific publications, he is currently part of the Polymers Group of the Department of Industrial Chemistry and Materials, University of Bologna, which deals with the synthesis and study of functional macromolecular materials for advanced applications, the preparation of monomers to their polymerization using different methods for the obtaining of chemical properties and specific molecular characteristics.